Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

2010 Winter Game Fever – It’s fun everywhere

Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Comments Off on 2010 Winter Game Fever – It’s fun everywhere

by CSLI Press – Judith

Pic1: JapaDogs / Everyone wants a JapaDog! The line-up is 2 blocks long everyday, it is voted the best hot dog in Vancouver, have you tried it yet? 

Pic2: Livecity Yaletown / Festivals take place everyday at the celebration site in yaletown. It’s just 3 blocks away from CSLI. There are free concerts, theme tents and a Coca-cola mesaum. The best part is – they are all free!!

Pic3: Street artists in yaletown.

Pic4: Street artists on Granville Street.

Pic5: Vaspa Canada!

Pic6: Best Souvenir / you can find olympic souvenirs everywhere, but this is the best one! Especially in Canada, we call this “Toque” ! Dont forget to get one!

I love it when we can just walk on the streets and see all the fun things! It’s like carnival in Vancouver! Street artists, music, celebration sites everywhere within walking distance. I’m so lucky to be here during the olympic games and have this great once a life time experience.


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