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Best Olympic Seat in the House

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Which brings us to another very important point: travel time to events. If you are planning to go to events (or already have tickets) allow for one hour AFTER you have arrived at outer perimeter of events. That means leaving home possibly 2-3 hours before event starting times. Not because of transport but security, as it  will be a slow and thorough but you will get through faster if you limit what you take in. Don’t take bags unless you plan to stay the night. This is just the way international events are these days so just be grateful you are safe and thank the friendly staff that you live in Canada. The most important things you need are comfortable shoes and light snacks & water as you will need the endurance of an Olympic athlete just to get to your seat. Leave Mama, babies and princesses at home. Contrary to media perceptions, public transport will never ever be better than during these olympics in the City of Vancouver. Locals in Sydney, Australia complained about transport after their games finished because they had it so good during. You may plan for the worst but expect Greater Vancouver to finally get it right. If you drive, drive early in the day before most events start and hang out and enjoy the atmosphere all day long.


That is why I say the best seat will be on the street.



Take advantage of the incredible free olympic public events around the city. My pick will be the David Lam Park renamed LiveCity Yaletown during the olympics and you can get there so easily by grabbing the skytrain to Yaletown. Crowded? I hope so but no fear. This is one of the venues of the Cultural Olympics, where nations share their custom and a place for people to blend, to show we are not that different and the world is not so big. This is where the real meaning of olympics takes place. Why not just avoid the long security delays at the sports venues and take in the wonder of people from all over the world. Foreign students and new immigrants: you will be the stars if you wear the colours of your motherland. It’s great to be Canadian but our white and red and our noise will just be the background, the proud host. But if you dare to wear the vibrant colours of your aunty or your friend’s nation, you will stand out, and I promise you will get more smiles, hugs and kisses than you will know where to put. Dye your hair blond and dress as a Swede: everyone loves the Sedins! And crazy hats and face paint are mandatory in the kingdom of Canada. How could anyone not want to be part of such a fine party?


For this you already have a ticket: You are in Vancouver. Did Mama tell you that?


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