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Chasing the Olympic Flame

Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Comments Off on Chasing the Olympic Flame

**While running the Stanley Park seawall this morning a fellow runner referenced the frenzy that followed the Olympic flame as it made its way around the park:

“During these difficult times people seem to seeking something to add more meaning to their lives”. Not something that people usually say in passing on the street but perhaps prophetic for what Vancouverites are experiencing right now. Watching into the eyes of those involved in the exchange of the flame as it traveled around the country and now around our city, this is something special.

So what is it we are following and seeking from this flame? What is the appeal? Unity? Celebration? The Pursuit of Happiness? Community spirit? Yes perhaps even a spiritual experience, but what ever it is it is more than just the Olympics. Bigger than the Terminator himself. Something that some say has been lacking in our hearts for some time.

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