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Getting Olympic Tickets: What Mama Didn’t Tell You: 2

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Unfortunately the official ticket site has become a bit of a hawkers site where opportunists like brokers and couples, who are betting their next all-expenses family vacation on selling their semi-final tickets for a king’s ransom. We consider ourselves die-hard fans, but we all have our price. Don’t we? There are some fair prices to be found in the cheaper seats but in large expect to pay 3-5 times their value.  Besides, value is relative and shouldn’t be determined by what someone else paid.  But some of us can’t resist the thought of being at that once-in a-life time game.  I have some thoughts about that in another article ‘Getting Around’.


Buying tickets takes some strategy and I bet Mama told you there is no chance of tickets now. Now is actually the best time. It’s two weeks before the games begin and those lining up on the official site to sell are getting nervous. More are trying to sell at unjustifiable rates, much more than those willing to pay. Now, do they drop their prices, sell to a broker or just go and try and enjoy the game? They know it’s going to be hard or uncomfortable to sell on the streets (without ticket authentication), and besides with such major security around venues, it will be difficult to get close to venues. The best place will be near security access points to stadium gates but there’s lots of cops in town too. Despite threats by the authorities, ticket sellers will not be the their focus so expect buying opportunities on the day of from credible sources . Private sellers on Craigslist are having a credibility problem and may feel forced to sell to brokers. Legitimate brokers are fine and a safe way to buy as their credibility depends on happy repeat customers, but you will pay market value. Shop around and ask yourself how many months rent are you willing to pay? And there will be no premium hockey tickets sold to any final for $50,000 or even $20,000 unless it’s sold by a very good call girl.

Expect prices to fall as we get closer, although not necessarily with any event that stars a Canadian. Like any major sporting event where one-game results decide the fate of the challengers, history does not favour the favourites. No matter how much we pray and hope for Canadian finals, there are so many other outcomes, and unfortunately final ticket prices have already dangerously factored in a Canadian victory. Reminding me of our recent economic bubble. If it is more important for you to see any good final, I suggest waiting and take your chances. Even Jaromir Jagr from the Czech team says an Olympic win is largely luck. Maybe a little sportsmanship on his part but he is a past gold medal (and Stanley Cups) winner so he can say what he likes.

And I get to see him play in the comfort of my luxury suite in two weeks while Slovaks plan his demise. While Mama sits at home watching us on tele.

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