Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

Olympic hockey games: a peek at Russia VS Czech Republic

Vancouver Winter Olympic Games 1 Comment

I went to the Russian VS Czech Republic game on Sunday, Feb 21 2010.
This is not only my first hockey game, but also one of the olympic games! 
Thank you CSLI for the ticket and let me be part of the Olympics!
It was really exciting and to be there live watching the games.
I was amazed by all fans’ enthusiasm : Crazy custumes, wigs, facial painting and huge flags & signs.
People were non-stop cheering and singing throughout the whole game.  

The pace of the game was really fast, and players from both team are all really great and aggressive.
There were shooting almost every couple minutes, sometimes I almost forgot breathing!
At the end, Russian won the game 4 : 2.
But good job Czech!  

By Michael


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