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CSLI English Students Welcome the Olympic Flame at Lonsdale Quay

Early Wednesday morning we headed to North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay to see the Olympic Torch as it made it’s way around the North Shore.  Trying to squeeze our way into the crowd to get a front row seat, we came upon 2 torch bearers who had just completed their run.  They were generous letting us take pictures with them.  The students got a great chance to use their English in a natural and fun setting.  We then sprinted up to Lonsdale Street to catch another glimpse of the torch.  We took a moment to listen to a Canadian musician from Victoria, Vince Vaccaro performing at the waterfront before heading back to school.  This day was really special as we got hit full on with the Olympic Spirit and got to spend time with each other outside of school.  My students are amazing people!!!! Plus we had a mini-reunion with former CSLI students who came along us with.  IT was great to see all of them. Thanks!!! Kara


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