Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

The city is painted red! Go Canada go!

Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Comments Off on The city is painted red! Go Canada go!

From CSLI Press – Melissa & Chloe


Pic1: Street Artist / We took this picture on Granville, there are many street artists performing there. The music was very cool.
Pic2: Canadian Superman? / We took this Superman at the corner of Robson St. and Granville St. We took this picture because it’s just showing that how many people having fun during the olympics and wants attention for Canada! 
Pic3: Hocky Fans / We took the 3 guys on Granville St. We all know that hockey is the most important sport to Canadian and we found this is neat!
Pic4: Not only am I cute, I’m Canadian too!/ We found this little clothe for kid so cute and it’s true that canadiana are beautiful 🙂
Pic5: Native Canadian / We found this guy on the street. Aborginal plays an important role in the olympics this time.
Pic6: Huge Canada Flag / This building is cover by the maple leaf flag!

Pic7: Pacific Centre / Yes, canada is known for snow.
Pic8: The glass roof of Pacific Centre /  Georgia St entrance. We took this picture because we think is representing Canada in a good way with the wild animal and sport. All the things that canadians like.
Pic9: Mobile Store / at a Bell store . It’s showing that everybody can hold the torch and show your support, adult or kids, everybody is in the spirit of the olympic.
Pic10: The Torch / If you want a picture with the torch, you can come to the Bell stroe in Pacific Centre.

Pic11: Abominable snowman or Big foot ? / You know if he really excited ? Maybe he is sitting on the chair for a come back at his home after the olympic. You know the verity. And we took this picture in a windows of a store in the pacific center.
Pic12: Kisses are never too mcuh! /  This picture is in the pacific center.
Pic13: The Moscot / Quatchi in the pacific center.
Pic14: Go CSLI Go ! / We did a small add in Pacific Center because WE LOVE CSLI !
Pic15: The Moscot  / This is Miga.
Pic16: Go for the Gold / Canada has already won 6 Gold Medals so far and we hope they will win more.
Pic17: I “heart” Canada / The feeling of all the students here, i guess !
Pic18: We believe! /



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