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Canadian as a Second Language Institute (CSLI)

Confused by the name? Now that we have your attention, let’s explain….


CSLI is a private language school that teaches English to foreign students, new immigrants, French-speaking Canadians, and prospective English teachers. The term, English as a Second Language (or ESL) is also used in our industry here and in some other countries.

Our name is a play on this term. It indicates that CSLI offers English classes but with a particular Canadian flavour (not flavor). CSLI focuses on providing a true Canadian experience by offering Canadian qualified and experienced teachers, inclusive activities involving Canadians and Canadian events, and wherever possible we choose to use Canadian material and textbooks applications. In addition students have the opportunity to meet Canadian business people and Canadian community leaders, including First Nations, in their classes and outings. Students are taught in an English-only environment.

Many students seek to be involved in our communities though volunteer and internship opportunities provided by CSLI.  In addition CSLI is proud to provide some truly Canadian accommodation experiences, including our newly completed on-site residence, secure rental apartments and access to hundreds of great Canadian homestay families. We also provide travel services that assist and encourage students to visit and enjoy as many other attractions and cities across Canada and to meet as many Canadians that their time allows. In fact CSLI has referral service that partners with other schools and colleges across Canada.

In essence, we are talking about a true Canadian experience and not just another language class. Any other country can do that! Our research tells us our clients come to Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada because they want share in our way of life. Students are encouraged through regular educational charity events, to care and share in local and global issues, something for which Canada is internationally respected. Our students from Quebec play an instrumental part in sharing with our foreign students that Canada is indeed multi-cultural and bi-lingual. In addition, CSLI partners with schools in Quebec to offer French classes to English-speaking Canadians and to foreign students.

CSLI has successfully taught over 10,000 students from over 100 countries over the last 18 years and has served as an excellent ambassador for Canada overseas.

We know what we are doing. As our logo suggests, “Uniting the World with English!”

Yes, we know that “Canadian” is not a “language” so lighten up!

Canadian as a Second Language Institute

 And yes, CSLI is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated!

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