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In honour of 50/50 Reunion two years ago in Vancouver, here is our pool for the World Cup.


Winner gets to host the upcoming 60/60 in the country of their choice: good news is you have 8 years to prepare!


Here is the draw based on your colourful backgrounds:


Innes – DPR Korea: Like their esteemed leader, Kim Jong-Il, a rebel. And with obvious Korean connections…

Patrick – Greece: Hair of a Greek God

Joe – Ivory Coast: Closest to an Irish flag so drink to that

Mike – Australia: Been there long enough

Warwick – South Africa: this is one World Cup you won’t win

Pete – Switzerland: Sorry Pete, no Austria but close

Jeff- Japan: Loves the girls, girls, girls

Reinhold -Germany: who else? oh yer, Ozzie.

Roger: England: sorry Rog, someone has to have them….

Bob – USA:  U!S!A! U!S!A!

Gerry – France: La Belle

Greg – Brazil, almost as colourful as orange

Charlie – Honduras: your sentimental favourite, just not at World Cup

Jack – Argentina: follower of the Church of Maradona

Luc – Nigeria: yes we know you love Africa  

Yoro – Ghana: Benin’s bigger cousin

Tom – Denmark: Great golf courses

Margaret – Italy: for the wine

Kevin – Portugal: for the Port

Andy – Paraguay:  for his love of Latin America

Rick – New Zealand: the ultimate Kiwi

Brad – Cameroon: As close as you can get to South Africa

Doug – Algeria: he has shares in a copper mine there

Ralph – Spain: the language you would be speaking if they didn’t hand over your country to the English

Ozzie – Uruguay: old champion but hasn’t scored for a while

Yoga – Chile:  how you have been feeling since you left Sri Lanka

Simon – South Korea: sorry you couldn’t join us in 2008. Be the Reds!

Boyan – Mexico: Home of Tequila, essential ingredient of the best Caesar cocktail

Laszlo – Slovakia: as close as we can get to Hungary

Richard – Serbia: dark & mysterious and not sure if they will turn up

Frank – Holland: if only they could make good wine…

Paul -Slovenia : almost Austria, or was once


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And follow my progress around South Africa during the knock-out stages: look for the CSLI Canada flag on TV at the stadiums & check back updates.

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