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Host the World Cup in Canada in 2030!

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Citizens of the World,

This is the official launch of our campaign to Host The World Cup in Canada in 2030!

We’ve set up a Facebook community page at:

Canada is known across the world as an exciting, safe and fair place to live or visit. What you may not know is that soccer is the most played sport in the Canada.

And with thousands of new immigrants importing their passion for soccer every day, expect to see Canada to become a world leader in this sport. It is just a matter of time.

If you’re Canadian, you’ll remember the incredible spirit around the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Wouldn’t you love that enthusiasm and colour in your own home town?

Hosting the World Cup gives us the focus that our new generation of players and coaches need to accelerate success in soccer. A 5-to-15-year old child today could very well be on our Canadian World Cup team in 2030.

Support our cause by sharing this article or by liking the Host The World Cup in Canada Facebook page, and we promise you the best World Cup. Ever!

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