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this is the essence of how csli came to be: through the manifestation of good things

our philosophy:

scientists (and philosophers and spiritualists agree) suggest that atoms & molecule of everything that has preceded us in history, including dinosaurs and ‘successful’ people such as  gandhi, Shakespeare, Mozart,  socrates, Michelangelo even Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad, recycle and recirculate in the air we breathe, and even go to make up the atoms and molecules that we are composed of: their genius is already in us.

along with the energy that flows & vibrates from generation to generation, they say there is a real connection between those who inspire you:  there is a piece or two of einstein in you right now, and in the air you share

if this is true then consider that you are also truly connected to those you love from your past, especially those have ‘passed on’.

you can say they have never really left you at all.

most of all, this means you are never alone

in fact you are already made up of everything that you respect & long for in others

we dont have to ‘do’ or ‘become’ anything to draw from others we admire: we simply have to ‘be’.

we just ‘are’ made up of those same components, energies, and emotions

you ‘are’ the ‘present’ connection that flows from the ‘past’ to the ‘future’, you ‘are’ the ‘dna’ that promises the future for those who follow.

you dont have to have children to leave your legacy for others

what you chose to do with this force is your choice

here is a simple exercise that will take seconds to help centre you & harness all the energies & emotions you seek & to help manifest what you desire.

everything is available to you now, you have a choice what you wish to surround yourself  with and who you wish to become

if you are ‘religious’ consider this a prayer, if you are ‘spiritual’ consider this a blessing or a mantra, if you are a ‘pragmatist’ consider this a means of connecting with the universe

a turbo manifester, if you will

to maximise the experience:

1. when?

do this first thing when you get up, ideally face the wonder of a sunrise as it will energise the moment

repeat at night at sunset or before you sleep so as to help you dream with wonder & purpose

2. how?

be animated! stand facing the sun, arms outstretched (moving them in a circular motion), welcoming & embracing your message as you speak out loud

breath fully as you take in your message & out as you share it with the world.

Do this anywhere anytime: if you find the need to be centred, or if you forgot earlier, do this in the bus on the way to work (sure  you can use your inner voice if you are a little self-conscious, but use your inner voice with vigour!).

“All the ………….(chose your emotions, your values that best empower you now: eg. love, joy, health, creativity, laughter, excitement, warmth, energy, power, enthusiasm…),

All that ever was, all that is, and all that will ever be,

Is in me now”

get into the habit everyday as it at least will put you into a positive state of gratitude.

repeating it will magnify the impact you seek to actually manifest your dreams and goals.

we have many choices in life: choosing what we attract to ourselves is key.

life and history literally flows through us, like a stream: why not embrace it?

if you can’t quite put your finger on what you feel when you step into csli, this is what it is.

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