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A quick update on our progress here.

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Hi, Just a quick update on our progress here. Yesterday my K 1 group wrote the first week’s test. One student achieved 50, one 90 and the rest not as good. I do not feel this is a fair evaluation of how well they understood the first week’s lesson, though. I do not agree with their questioning technique and I even find the questions difficult the way they are phrased. I do not think the questions evaluate how much they have learned and am not too concerned with the marks. Our progress is slow, which is quite obvious when I have been here since the beginning of the month and we have done one week’s lesson. There are several reasons for this:

– the first week involved more than just the lesson content
– they really do no get enough time on the computer to practise the skills
– they need more time to process the information (I do not want to rush them and go forward if I feel they are not understanding I give other examples, etc.)

I know they would like to have time to practise emailing more, which I feel is an important skill so I am going to give them another part of the class tomorrow to write an email to you.

I guess by now you know we extended our visas Monday without any problems. Even at that it only gives a short time to accomplish the tip of the iceberg. Rajeeshan says not to stress about the work load but if I am going to do something it is not in my nature to do it half assed. Just found out I am scheduled to do a two day workshop with all the preschool teachers on Sunday and Monday. Supposedly I can just use the knowledge I have in my head and just spend time with them. (I hope you can imagine the expression I had on my face right at that point) That plus I have been chosen to chair the women’s sport’s meet on Sat. ” OK but what if I say no? This needs to be a democracy!” At that point Anthony asked all the folks at the meeting if they wanted me to chair the meet and they of course put up their hands. It was a consensus so I guess that takes care of saying no! The guests will not recognize their names when I pronounce them!

I have my 7 oclock class coming in so will run. After that I am going to the english preschool to observe what they do and check schedules, etc. I am trying to write a curriculum for the preschool to follow but want to know what they already do. I will resume my K 1 classes this afternoon. As the saying goes : No rest for the wicked! I think I must have been wicked in my former life!

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