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Hi brat,
One of my students showed me the email you sent them.  I told them today that I would give them a half hour of class time to email you and Josephine.  Farzana asked me where my passport was as she was gigling away!  I hope that the emails you get are not too full of mistakes or you’ll wonder what I’ve been teaching them.  I told them I was not reading their work because mail (unless it is business) was private.  My last group was so busy yipping in Tamil and helping each other that I am afraid they probably all wrote the same thing.
Nilu sewed me a sari last night so I will look officially Sri Lankan at the meet tomorrow. The staff and teachers are so loving and friendly, just as you predicted and yes, Anthony and Rajeeshan definately look after me.  I am not used to being looked after, being independent and always looking after others is more the role I have played for the last 30 years or so!  I might get used to being spoiled though!
I will remind Anthony about a group picture.  His head is all over the place the last couple days as he worries and prepares to leave.
Kick that daughter of mine in the butt, she never emails.

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