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I figured by now you are wondering how classes and K 1 is going?

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Greetings from Sri Lanka!

I figured by now you are wondering how classes and K 1 is going. I start my day at 7 till 9 working with the office staff. At this time I am trying to just teach english. I am focusing on trying to get them to use conversation as well as just learning traditionally. While the preschool teachers are on holiday I have taken advantage of having them for more classes. So at this time I am meeting with them each day at 9:30 until 11:00. On Saturdays we meet at the same time but also have an afternoon class. I am teaching them as though they are my preschool class so that I can model what I want them to do in the classroom. Their english is very weak so I am going slowly and teaching routine, movement with song and rhyme, plus some traditional english on words that I feel are necessary for them to do a preschool curriculum.

The K1 classes have been divided into 2 groups. I am calling my strongest group my regulars and they have class from 2 to 3:30 each day except Saturday. Today, even though it is Saturday I tried to fit in another class for them. We are just starting the second lesson of week 1. They can do the work but need guidance each step of the way. I teach and go over each step on my computer to show them then they try to do it independently and or with each other’s help. They are extremely interested in doing well and are very focused. The work is hard for them but brainstorming together and my assistance gets them understanding.

My second group of K 1 are what I am calling my experimental group. The program is too hard for them. Neither their english or computer skills allow them to work independently. I am not saying that they cannot do it or that we should not do it with them but a heads up that I am just using the program as a base lesson. We are walking through it together similar to the way I teach the regular group but I am going slower, using more examples and teaching side lessons to help them to understand. I plan on using the resources part of the program to do other english activities with them. I feel as though I am helping somewhat but they need a me for much longer to really see growth. I am learning how far Roses’ fingers extend to the community and am gaining a better understanding of the whole picture. It has been and will continue to be a good growing experience for us all! My holiday up the hill country to Kandy was fun. The bus ride home was an experience in itself. I sat so my feet could extend into the steps leading up from the door thinking more space. Yah right! My question of the day was, “How many Sri Lankans can you fit into one bus from Kandy to Ampara?” I held babies, toddlers, packages, purses, ect. and my feet did not extend into the step area because at least 6 men stood there hanging on as the bus turned and turned around and around the mountains on the decent to Ampara!

azever Sonia

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