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9-Today Rose worked hard to set up a sports meet of around 300 young school girls. they organized volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton and another game not unlike baseball. Rose built a sports center to bring together and teach sports to the young people. the center is named after Lawrence (very cool) Rose has to organize hiring private buses to pick up the girls. they also have to bring water because the facility has no power or water. This morning, very early, the staff was cooking also. It is a complex undertaking but just another of Rose’s great accomplishments to help the kids and unite them in fun!

Wrote that paragraph then was called that we were leaving. It is now 5 and I am back after a long but fun day. Rose has supplied tshirts to the different sports clubs and today was a tournament. I t started with introductions and I met and shook the hands of every girl there all aged ‘tween 12 and 18. Throughout the day we had heat, then a heavy rainfall, then sun, some breezes, more rain, etc. Thats how our day progressed but it did not dampen the girls competitive spirit. Somehow all the events got held except the badminton. It was a typical meet with girls playing the different sports or watching the one in progress and cheering on their team. Rice dishes were given and drinks supplied then again Rose handed out cake and milk near the day’s end. After the staff figured out winners of the diff categories the team members won trophies. Some of the younger sisters came often to say hi and receive more hugs from me. When I would move over to a different event someone always grabbed me a chair and held my umbrella for me….I am not used to such royal treatment. Theyalso gave me the honor of handing out the basketball trophies to the winners so again more handshakes and again at day’s end handshakes, byes and hugs! Tomorrow I have a full slate of classes starting at 7 with the staff then 9:30 with the teachers then I have my 2 knowledge one classes in the afternoon. At 4 o’clock we are off to Kandy for a few days holiday. It is Sri Lankan New Year so I am looking forward to celebrations and yet another adventure!

Yesterday was our first day off since arriving and so we used a Rose driver and headed for Arugam Bay. We got ready to leave by 6 am and started by taking uniforms to a preschool group. From there we drove south. The topography continued to change as we drove through park areas where there are elephants (we were told we probably would not see them during the day because it is night when they come out due to heat) We also drove past several different towns. One was having their weekly sunday market and so we stopped. On either side of the road for a long way people had spread blankets and laid out their wares. there was everything from material (very beautiful), clothing , fruits and veggies, etc. One lame guy kept appearing beside me smiling then disappearing again (kind of disconcerting to say the least) In Columbo I was told guys (guess they are like a pimp) provide for the beggars. Each day they take them to their designated begging spot then at the end of the day collect them again. For this service the take a percentage of the beggars profits! Anyway when we finally got to the beach (50 km) that takes a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to drive due to roads. the actual road is good, built by the Japanese after the tsunami, but the congestion of people and animals using the roads holds one up. You drive the speed you can, speeding when possible then crawling along and passing. Max speed in Sri Lanka is 80 km. The beach is beautiful and goes forever. All along the beach front are little cabanas and places you can rent to stay. We had lunch and checked out The Beach Hut and plan on going there for a weekend. Amanda rented a surf board but I just swam. We could stay there for 2 nights and eat out for about 60 dollars. Renting a surf board is 5 dollars for half a day. Plus the food was fresh and excellent! I have lots more to say but want to download pictures and get home to shower and get planned for classes tomorrow then pack for a few days……………no rest for the wicked!!!

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