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Critters that fly, creep or scurry about!

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OK so we have a night guard guy. He’s the sweetest man who jumps up and opens the gate for me each time I leave my yard. If he hears or sees me coming he also jumps up and opens the gate for me. He comes to our yard at 4:30 each evening and leaves at 7:30 in the morning. I hope he sleeps but I really do not know where or how much. I gave him a Canada pin and every day he has it pinned onto his shirt collar. The reason for this story is that I am not afraid of anyone coming into our yard regardless of our nightman although I really appreciate the fact that he is there. Plus it gives employment to him. It is not people I am afraid of though, it’s the critters that fly, creep or scurry about!

It all started with the two friends in our kitchen. I was kinda hoping they were just big bugs that could fly but inside I had the feeling they were cockroaches of the very biggest kind! A purchase of spray and it was “legs up” to those friends and consequently any other of their family that happened to visit our kitchen. Our very few groceries are in containers and in our little oven otherwise they are refrigerated so our friends must know they will not be fed if they happen to come for another visit.

That problem solved and feeling quite confident as I wander into the kitchen I reach for the lightswitch to feel a quick movement across my hand! As the light focused I heard and saw something furry push its way into a hole in the ceiling. Big discussion……….mouse, rat, squirrel or ?? “What kind of tail did it have? How big was it? Are you sure?” Amanda was full of questions as she vowed to stay locked in our bedroom! We decided on the mouse or maybe squirrel due to the way it was able to quickly run along the light cord from the wall to the ceiling.

Several days passed without any company until 4 am night before last. I am woken by a crackling, popping, hard to explain, kind of sound. As I am laying listening, whilst holding my breath, I hear, “Sonia, is that you?” from across the room. Back and forth conversation continued until Amanda crawled to the end of her bed to flip on the bathroom light. Between that and the light of our cell phones we made our way to the main light switches. Of course by then there was no more sounds or evidence of anything that might have made the sound. Lights on and earphones plugged in we both decided on another two hours of restless sleep. Decision made that it was probably a harmless little gecko because afterall our room is cement and really how could anything bigger than a bug or gecko possibly get in.

Last night was a fun evening of cards and a cool beer when I figured some cheese and crackers would complete our entertainment. Damn our furry friend had returned, this time on the light switch that is beside our fridge. Several quick heart thumps and a loud scream later I was once again locked into the safety of our room. OK, so I’ve had mouse experiences before, no biggy, it was just the startle effect………our card game resumed. Bed felt good at evenings end until yet again our “whatever” awakened us in the middle of the night. After work today we are doing a complete clean and inspection of our room…………no garbage and not a speck of food will remain. Maybe we will just sleep with our light on!

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