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Resource town or Relic?

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Biking through BC country lanes it’s pretty apparent there are more homes & memories for sale than there are buyers. And it’s not just the economic times.
Their young have moved on to Nanaimo, Kelowna & Vancouver & we ain’t having families like the babyboomers wete once famous for.
It’s not political to realize we cant support the same amount of schools, parks & shops in places like Midway, Coalmont or Yahk, and it’s not to say these places don’t have spirit. But they are fading fast.
Meantime some places such as Chemainus, Smithers & even Greenwood are reinventing themselves where people may actually want to retire there. And anything close to the Okanagan, Vancouver or anything Alberta will do just fine.

Unless you are a resource town with something to offer: of people, tourism, government, mining, transport, lumber or energy, you are a relic, with only memories hopefully locked up in a museum.


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