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How Fast Can One Nike * Canada? The Stats

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For those curious, my record:

1. Saskatoon to Halifax (Aug. 2012)
21 days plus 2 rest days, 2 days travel from & to Vancouver (“that’s actually 4 weeks away” reminds my wife).
Approx 3,500 km on roads (mostly Trans Canada Highway)
Averaging 167km per traveling day

2. Vancouver (Hope) to Saskatoon (Aug. 2011)
21 days on Trans Canada Trails in BC & Trans Canada Highways in Alberta & Saskatoon, and

3. Island Tour (2000)
PEI, Vancouver Is (Nanaimo-Cowichan Valley- Victoria), plus West Vancouver to Hope, all on Trans Canada Trails,
Approx 2500 km
Averaging 120km/day

My total journey by bike from Victoria to Halifax, including PEI was 6,000km over 7 weeks
Or about 50 days (or 3 years depending on how you time it)

* ” Just Do It ” FYI, the fastest time recorded, Vancouver to Halifax by bike is 21 days, roads only one person, continuous (shorter distance, Canada only).

Lori-Ann, I am definitely not interested.


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