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It would be inappropriate to dedicate this journey to you as I know it brought much apprehension to you. But I would love to dedicate all the joy it gave me , to you. This was my dream for so long and you made it happen. I love that we continue to grow together.


Curb Ivanic at Ultra Fitness & Rob Williams at Mixx Fitness, my trainers who I know helped provide the stamina & recovery I needed to get through the long days.


Thanks Sally for being sub-hub in my absence and entertaining LA like no other. To Joyce & Roger for their constant vigilance & support.


Thank you Pat & Paula for your support & hospitality in PEI & the Maritimes, including arranging with Jen & Ryan in Fredericton. In Saskatoon, Josie & Orin had my back both in and out of town. Greg you saw me through Ontario & much of Quebec. Jennifer & Grant was like you have never left: what a way to finish such a memorable journey.


Thanks Brian for sharing your Zen on bicycling which was invaluable to a relative novice. Boyan, your tech support to bring the UTW cause to life was invaluable, as was Warwick for your constant support.


And of course our incredible team at CSLI who in their busiest season, ensures the show goes on without interruption. Thank you for allowing me this freedom and may we challenge you to fulfill your dreams too.


Thank you for my family & friends support all the way from New Zealand to Tom, Kelly & Tyler on Bowen Island.


In the 7 weeks it took me to trek across the continent, my return flight was only 7 hours.


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