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?Russian Sochi 2014 House? At Vancouver 2010 Games

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Here are some pictures taken inside the Russian house

“Russian Sochi 2014 House” situated in Vancouver’s Science World facility February 8 to 28 during the Winter Olympics, and in Whistler March 12 to 21 during the Paralympic Games.

in the Russian house you are available to see how the Russians will held the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and many other things.


Behind BC Place

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When I went for a walk home along the water at Yaletown I discover this Chinese pavilion behind BC Place with music and plenty of opportunities to shop and tasting Chinese food.


The olympic flame

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The olympic flame burns in vancouver near Canda place. It’s an very busy place to visit


Countdown clock

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Vancouver is counting down to the Olympics

this picture is from this Saturday

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