Building Schools

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Building Schools

After returning from Sri Lanka’s tsunami, CSLI helped finance the building of a community centre in Kalmunai (2006), and build & replace schools damaged by the tsunami throughout Sri Lanka (2005).

Our latest project is assisting in building a school with computer labs to provide online education and to support limited local public school education. This will allow more local students to graduate on to university and a promise of a better future. Never have more local children had the opportunity of a better education than now.

School fund raising campaigns at Collingwood, Bodwell & Glen Elementary which were matched by Room to Read

Working with Room to Read and the generosity of almost 20 private & public Vancouver schools and their students, the Friendship Band Project raised $15,000 that was doubled (by Room to Read) to $30,000 to assist in the building and rebuilding of schools within tsunami-affected Sri Lanka.

In addition, CSLI is supporting 12 scholarship students in pursuit of a university degree.

Why Schools?

CSLI with Japanese celebrity chef Harumi Kurihara (2005)

Being school owners, Lawrence & Lori-Ann see the long term benefits of education on a community. Many of our students that study at CSLI are fortunate enough to come from wealthy families who can provide a solid education, so it was quite a contrast to see in devastated parts of Sri Lanka the neediest of students with the least resources. Kalmunai and surrounding areas were worst affected by the tsunami and were the most neglected, so after returning, Lawrence recommended focusing on these people, partnering with Rose Charities because of their past experience in emergency relief in Asia. Most of all we wanted to make a direct impact, where we knew that our time and resources would make real impacts on as many children as possible. Our vision is that these children and their future families will be the leaders in our new world economy. We have continued our efforts here since 2004.

Lawrence’s Story

CSLI Director Lawrence Keenan left for Sri Lanka days after the tsunami disaster (2004), leaving ahead of the Vancouver Rose team to prepare for their arrival in Kalmunai organising accommodation, transport, provisions and support.

Children and schools were the worst affected and there was an urgent need to return students back to their normal routine. On his return, Lawrence fund-raised at over 20 Vancouver schools (including Collingwood School) with his Friendship Band Project (2005), raising over $15,000. With the support of the BC Principals and Vice Principals Association, his funds were doubled by John Wood’s (previously of Microsoft) Room to Read organisation, who were rebuilding schools across tsunami-damaged south-east Asia.

CSLI with the support of Japanese celebrity chef Harumi Kurihara, raised over $6000 (2005) to a Kalmunai orphanage through a charity auction at CSLI the week he returned from Sri Lanka. The following year CSLI donated $20,000 (2006) to purchase land to build a community centre that supports social and sporting projects between 19 schools surrounding Kalmunai*.


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