CSLI’s Uniting the World projects and the stories as to how they came to be

Children International

Eight children* through Children International* from the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, India and Chile have been supported financially over the last 10 years through regular contributions from CSLI and student fund raisers (1995).

Cecilia’s Story:

In 2008 while touring South America, Lori-Ann & Lawrence Keenan, owners of CSLI, had the fortune to meet one of our sponsored children, Cecilia from Chile. We arranged through the local agency for Childrens International near port city of Valparaiso to visit her at her home where she lived with her grandmother and family. It was a very humble neighbourhood where we were told it is difficult for most to get a good start in life, but we could see Cecilia had a loving family and was in safe hands. She showed great promise at school and hoped to go on to a university education. CSLI started supporting her at 6 years and she was 16 by the time we met, and has since completed our support program together. We hope we made a difference.

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