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After returning from Sri Lanka’s tsunami, CSLI helped finance the building of a community centre in Kalmunai (2006) by buying capital to buy land for $20,000.
This community centre, when partially completed within a year, became the focal point for inter-school activities, including sporting & cultural events, including Sri Lanka’s most active basketball league (founded by Rose’s Charles Belcher with his Sports for Peace project funded by CIDA). This brought many children together from different cultural backgrounds at a time when they most needed support after the tsunami. As the remainder of the land awaited additional funding, some of this land was also used for micro-credit families to grow crops. Although the basketball courts & buildings were damaged during massive floods in 2011, the centre remains an important part of Rose operations. The map below shows the various locations of operations that Rose Charities has established in Kalmunai since 2004 tsunami.

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