our environmental projects at CSLI.

CSLI Energy Savings Program

CSLI has an established recycling policy with student and staff waste materials (2005) and is currently undergoing a revolutionary energy saving program that will not only optimize energy efficiency, but can capture surplus heat energy generated by students in classrooms by converting & regulating temperatures throughout the school with the use of heat exchangers and a cooling system (2011). This removes the need for traditional and wasteful air conditioners & heat expellers. Surplus energy can then be exported to the attached apartment building to help reduce their energy costs by preheating their water supply.

Since CSLI owns its own space it has greater control of design and construction features. It is located in a modern energy efficient earthquake resistant building. 94% of all CSLI students and staff live downtown, or use public transport or bicycles to get to and from school, as it is conveniently located close to bus and rail connections. Students are provided personalised cups and free tea & coffee to minimize wastage.





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