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The latest educational project for Rose Charities: Kalmunai is seeking land to buy and build their own school to support students from the public school system that only provides part-time study.

VIBE Centre opening

The VIBE Centre (a project sponsored by the Vancouver Board of Trade who provided computer equipment and online access & run by ELI English Learning Institute) is an online learning centre that is currently operating out of a rented building. With the support of the Board of Trade, it is here where volunteer teacher Sonia Herndier has been facilitating Knowledge One online Business English programs to Rose staff & local teachers.

The goal is the merge this operation with Rose’s EDS campus. CSLI has donated $50,000 for the purchase of this land, and construction costs are expected to be financed from the school fees charged to those families who can afford to pay. Other students will be provided scholarships to enhance their progress to university and career programs. This will allow more local students to graduate on to university and a promise of a better future. Never have more local children had the opportunity of a better education than now. While this land is being sought, funds are being temporarily used by the Rose Micro-Credit operation for family businesses devastated by the 2011 floods in Kalmunai and surrounds.

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