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CSLI reaches for health and sports. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010)  CSLI students volunteered as Vancouver hosts during the games acting as translators and community support.

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Many athletes are amateurs (non-professional) and depend on help to follow their dreams and get to international sports like the Olympics:

Our CSLI team supports young athletes like Canadian long jumper Ruki Abdulai (pictured above). Originally from Ghana, she represented Canada in the 2008 Summer Olympics and beyond.

Students and staff supported partially blind cross country skier Alexie Novikov & guide Jamie Stirling, representing Canada at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

Keep an eye open for recent past CSLI student and future Olympian from Slovakia Timotej Oravec. Go Tim!

In addition, exercise and activity are essential in the learning process at CSLI: our programs are animated, our teachers and staff are high energy, and break-times are action-packed. Who said learning can’t be fun!

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