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There is no sport that unites the world more than football and it is the most popular game that all our students from around the world want to play and watch, girls and guys included.
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Law and Lawrence World Cup final Johannesburg

CSLI has regularly attended soccer World Cups Spain (1982), Italy (1990), USA (1994), France (1998), Japan/Korea (2002), Germany (2006), and South Africa (2010) gifting tickets to past CSLI students.

In South Africa we had the pleasure to gift a ticket for the Brasil/Holland game to a local from Port Elizabeth who, like most black South Africans, could not afford to go games. Mthetho Zenekile (nickname Law) was a part-time gardener at the Plettenberg hotel we were staying three hours out of town, so we negotiated with the very supportive hotel manager to give him the day off work to see his favourite team Brasil play. Like most South African blacks, Mthetho lives in the townships or shantytown that are on the outskirts of most major cities. At the end of a long but exciting day we all returned to dine together in the hotels restaurant.
Football is a language that everyone seems to understand.








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